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Read what our customers say . . .


"Thank you for your wonderful shoes and great customer service! I've worn OrganMaster shoes for 15 years and highly recommend them to all my students and fellow organists; I think a good organ shoe is an integral part of successful pedal technique. I own them in two different colors and just barely retired my first black pair after 15 years of remarkable service! Thanks, OrganMaster!" - Busy Organist, Orem, UTAH

  "I am delighted with the shoes. I had not worn shoes with suede bottoms before, but these shoes make navigating the pedals much easier.  I also do a lot of freelance work and the tote easily accommodates everything I need to carry between churches." - J. D.,  FLORIDA

   "They are beautiful!! I'm really thrilled with them . . . so soft and comfortable."  - L.L., OHIO

   "Absolutely LOVE the shoes and they have already made a huge difference in my playing! My organ instructor recommended your website." - Phyllis H., KANSAS

   " . . . she had so many positive comments on her gold organ shoes and many 'where did you get those?'  Thank you. We look forward to many more fabulous organ shoes in her future." - D.A., FLORIDA

"I ordered a pair 20 years ago, and I just now have needed to retire them. Great shoes and once broken in can't be beat! It is so important for organists to have shoes that fit...makes pedaling so much easier. Thank you for having great shoes available
." - Customer from Georgia.

   "I feel these are the perfect shoes. I am requiring them for all of my students." - DLS, CALIFORNIA OrganMaster Shoes Customer 2

   "Tried them in service yesterday. Fine results!  They will be a great inducement to practice more." - M. M., CALIFORNIA

   "There was no way I could make my feet or shoes do the foot exercises in the book.  My wife found your website, and the shoes you sent make the exercises easy. Now I might be able to learn the organ after all, thanks to your shoes." - Tom C., WASHINGTON

“I have been an organist for many years and just received my first pair of organmaster shoes (I used another brand before - now I know what I have been missing)!  What a difference!  I love these shoes already.”  -Customer from FLORIDA

"This will be my second pair of OrganMaster Shoes. My other pair lasted for 27 years of weekly church meetings and practice. They are dear friends, but the time has come . . . Thanks for the memories!" -Customer from UTAH

“Let me begin by saying that RARELY am I impressed by Customer Service whether it be an in-store purchase or online. For a woman NEVER at a loss for words, I am searching for a way to express my amazement and absolute delight with both the service and quality of my inaugural purchase from OrganMaster!
I went on the OrganMaster website …on December 1, 2014, placed an order for shoes.
Imagine my surprise when USPS delivered the OrganMaster box to my doorstep on December 4, 2014...just 72 hours since placing my order!!!!!  PHENOMENAL!!!!!!
Your customer service is THE best! Thank you, OrganMaster!!!
Regarding your shoes, they fit perfectly and function top-rate at the console. Thank you and continued good wishes to your company and employees!” - M.K,  North Carolina


This letter explains the science for why the right shoes are so important: 

“I have been playing the organ for sixty years. Last month, for the first time, purchased a pair of OrganMaster Shoes. I want to compliment you and your staff for the excellent product and service which you provide. The woman with whom I spoke on the phone last week was most helpful and charming.

Before trying your shoes, I had always thought that people who believe they needed special shoes to play the organ were a bit effete or obsessive or superstitious. I have changed my mind.

As I approached the age of 70, I noticed that my feet were not as sensitive to feeling the organ pedals as formerly; the condition worsened to the point that, on certain days, I felt I as if I were wearing showshoes!  I talked to a geriatrician, who told me about proprioceptors (‘self-feeling’). These exist in all parts of the body - they let us feel the position of our joints, limbs and muscles without visual help. The proprioceptors in the soles of the feet let us precisely feel when the ground upon which we stand is uneven, and thus aid in balance. After the age of thirty, these begin to gradually deteriorate (like everything else!) so that we have impaired balance and tactile sensitivity.

The first thing I did to try to help was to buy sheer silk socks(or the modern polyester equivalent) instead of the thicker cotton or wool socks. This may have helped a little. When I first tried your shoes, however, with their thin suede soles and higher heels, the difference was dramatic: I have regained the pedal accuracy I had as a young man.

This past Sunday, I played (along with nine other organists) at the annual Naples Philharmonic organ recital on the four-manual 1990 Casavant. We had an enthusiastic crowd of 700.  . . .

I want to thank you and your family for such a great idea and such a great execution of that idea into reality for all of us organists -- let’s call this a class action thank-you -- who are grateful for OrganMaster Shoes.  -- John Fenstermaker, A.A.G.O., D.S.M., Naples, FLORIDA

  "I love my new OrganMasters. They are truly Magic Shoes! I play on a flat, straight pedalboard and it makes such an incredible difference!" - L. F.,  CONNECTICUT

   "The most comfortable and workable organ shoes I have had in my twenty years of organ playing." - M.Z., NEW JERSEY

   "I still can't believe that it can be that easy to get some fantastic shoes. I have never been able to glide that easy over the pedals and then just "stretch" out and then voila! Hit the next note nice and easy." - Maria K., Grenaa, DENMARK

   "The workshop leader gave the highest praise to your shoes and demonstrated how SILENTLY they work on the pedals." - H.S., FLORIDA

   "Thank you for sending the shoes so quickly. I really love these shoes. I enjoy playing the organ very much and would be lost without these shoes." - S. S., CALIFORNIA

   "I never got a pair of organ shoes so perfect in every aspect: lightweight, thin suede sole, thick narrow heel and a nice classical design! They were not even expensive!!  I am now busy enjoying pedal playing more than ever!" - Pierre G., Montreal, CANADA

   “Just to let you know the shoes arrived and are GREAT!  Perfect fit and a pleasure to use – am enjoying my playing even more.  Many thanks for all your help.” – Ian C., Katoomba, AUSTRALIA