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Grand Opera for Piano Students arrangements by Carol Carlson

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Price: $19.95
Item Number: 50025043

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Enjoy 49 beautifully arranged piano pieces from 43 operas by Carol Carlson, the founder of OrganMaster Shoes!  The perfect start for piano students learning about our rich heritage of opera and classical composers.  This book has been carefully researched and the arrangements are just lovely

·  This book makes a lovely gift 

·  Provides a synopsis of each opera

·  49 beautiful arrangements for piano from 43 operas

·  Pronunciation key

·  Composer's portrait

·  One hundred pictures

·  "Lay-Flat" spiral binding with soft cover

·  Intermediate level

  “I am so proud of my mother’s work on this opera book.  The arrangements are beautiful.  She truly has a gift for music and a love of opera.  This book makes a lovely gift for pianists and opera aficionados.” - Brenda Sturmer, owner of OrganMaster Shoes.